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What is 5G Technology?

A general overview of 5G Technology

What is 5G

It’s one of the most exciting technology developments to happen over the past year is the introduction of the fifth generation “5G” mobile internet.

While it may seem like 4G cell phones just hit the market, the next generation of mobile internet technology promises to transform the way we communicate with one another again.

Superfast 5G internet will not only allow consumers to download data and communicate with one another instantly. It will also help make self-driving cars and other futuristic technologies a reality. But first, exactly what is 5G?

A General Overview: What is 5G?

Roughly every decade, the wireless communications industry introduces a new cellular communications standard using cutting-edge technology. For example, the most recent communications standards were announced in 2000 (with 3G) and in 2010 (with 4G).

However, this new generation of mobile internet technology will dramatically improve the mobile experience for users. Even more importantly, its stunningly-fast communication speed will make a wide variety of technologies more effective.

Okay, but what is 5G ? 5G will allow wireless broadband speeds as high as 20 Gbps, an astonishing speed rivaling that of wired internet lines. It will allow users to stream higher quality video and to download songs and movies much quicker.

Imagine the whole house watching high-definition movies in every room of the house, with no buffering! 5G will also allow wireless speeds from anywhere from 1 to 10 Gbps. You will be able to stream any high definition movies on the go with no buffering or lag time.

So what is 5G  doing for gamers? Wireless gamers will also see their experiences improve as connection speeds outpace improvements in video quality. Another great benefit associated with 5G technology is the improvement in controller technology.

5G will allow your controller to communicate with the console almost instantaneously. This will eliminate the existing lag between the time you press a button on your controller and the time it takes the signal to reach the console.

Another major benefit associated with 5G technology is in the self-driving cars arena. The incredible speed of the 5G network will allow self-driving cars to communicate with each other. In addition, these cars can instantly communicate with traffic signals, road signs, emergency vehicles, and even real-time traffic maps.

This would rapidly accelerate the wide-spread introduction of self-driving cars. Taking a long road trip and watching HD movies while you lounge in the driver’s seat may soon be a reality.

When Will 5G Reach Consumers?

Wireless companies are already testing 5G phones in limited markets across the world. Widespread release of these phones is expected to to happen in late 2019. In fact, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are slated to present a showcase on 5G technology, introducing the entire world to the future of mobile technology.