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Download speeds up to 10 GBytes is Transformative

One of the most exciting new developments on the horizon for consumers is the release of 5G phones . While the technology has been long in the making, the first details about these devices are just starting to come out.

These phones promise to be much faster than the previous generation of 4G phones. In fact, these phones promise to have a much faster mobile internet than your current home internet. Now that’s fast!

When Will […]

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5G Devices, Capabilities and other 5G Functionalities

The leap from 3G to 4G was an improvement, however the leap to 5G technology is going to be huge!


The intent of 5G technology is to bring faster data speeds via Wi-Fi transmission with more simultaneous users than the current 4G technology allows.  5G technology will consist of several more, smaller cells than 4G is using now and at higher frequencies with lower power consumption.

Just as over-the-air and satellite television eliminates the need for coax cables run from home-to-home, […]

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What are the Advantages of 5G Wifi

General 5G Wi-Fi information

Sometimes we choose the technology and sometimes the technology chooses us.  5G Wi-Fi is the technology choosing us.  5G is coming our way, whether you know it or not.

There are two major advantages to 5G Wi-Fi which consumers will appreciate: download speed and almost zero latency, or delay.

5G Wi-Fi download speed

5G Wireless brings data rates up to 10gig; with that, movies and television shows download in record time, graphic-intense 3D virtual reality plays out smoothly, with greater […]

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