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Who Makes The Best 5G Phones

A Comparison of 5G Phones

While 5G technology promises to revolutionize a variety of businesses, consumers are undoubtedly most interested in how this new technology will effect them. The 5G phones of the future are already coming, and they definitely live up to the promise.

5G phones will offer blazingly-fast internet speed, enabling HD movie streaming on the go. Also, consumers will also be able to download HD movies in less than 4 minutes, an astonishing feat.

Several carriers have already announced plans for their 5G networks. For example, AT&T has promised to roll out their 5G service in twelve markets this year. These cities include Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, and others.

Also, Verizon is following a similar path and will complete a similar limited rollout in 2018. The company will first offer 5G broadband internet in Sacramento and Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, and Indianapolis, IN. In addition, mobile 5G service will follow in 2019.

T-Mobile will begin offering 5G service in 2019, with a nation-wide rollout by the end of 2020. Now, let’s take a look at which 5G phones consumers in these markets will have access to.

5G Phone Comparison

Samsung’s in-development new flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, is expected to come with 5G capability. While Samsung has yet to confirm the rumor, the recently announced partnership with Qualcomm suggests otherwise.

Specifically, the strategic relationship agreement mentioned working together on the “transition to 5G.” We’ll find out more when Samsung officially launches the phone at the 2019 Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

In addition, the Huawei P30 is another strong candidate to be one of the world’s first 5G phones. The Chinese firm’s regional president suggested as much in July 2018.

Walter Ji told T3 that 5G capability will either be in the P30 first, or “it will be in the Mate series next September.” So, expect the company’s first 5G smartphone to be released in June 2019.

Apple’s iPhone X has also become a recent candidate for 5G service. The company’s 2019 version of the phone may use a MediaTek 5G modem to connect to the Image of a Young Blonde Woman with 5G Cellphone she is looking at her phone and smiling, she is also carrying many shopping bags.internet. Apple’s 2019 iPhone X isn’t expected to ship until the end of 2019, so it remains to be seen. Stay tuned for additional news.


Another company that has recently made a splash in the 5G market is Sony. The Sony XPERIA X73 is expected to be a 5G phone. The company has yet to confirm the rumor; however, public statements suggest that it remains a real possibility. Indeed, mainstream tech publications are reporting that the Sony XPERIA may be the world’s first 5G smartphone.

Lastly, one of the most anticipated phones is the OnePlus 7. OnePlus CEO Pete Lay, at the Mobile World Congress, said that he is “working with US carriers” to bring a 5G smartphone to consumers in the US in 2019.

OnePlus only releases one flagship phone every year, so a 5G model makes perfect sense. Look out for this 5G capable phone in June or July of 2019.