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One of the most exciting new developments on the horizon for consumers is the release of 5G phones . While the technology has been long in the making, the first details about these devices are just starting to come out.

These phones promise to be much faster than the previous generation of 4G phones. In fact, these phones promise to have a much faster mobile internet than your current home internet. Now that’s fast!

When Will 5G Phones Be Released?

Several carriers have announced plans to begin testing their 5G WiFi and fixed wireless services this year. However, consumers will have to wait until 2019 to begin using 5G enabled phones.

Major phone companies like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have announced that they intend to begin offering mobile 5G service in early 2019.

Lucky customers in Sacramento, CA will be the first in the nation to receive access to 5G fixed wireless. Verizon will begin offering the service by the end of 2018. In addition, Sprint and T-Mobile have announced plans to offer fixed wireless services across the country.

Residents of New York City, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles will be the first to receive access to the companies’ 5G fixed wireless service.

Smartphone manufacturers haven’t let the wireless companies hog all the attention either. Huawei is looking to launch its first 5G-enabled smartphone in the third quarter of 2019.

Additionally, ZTE has announced plans for a 5G phone  release in 2019, as has Apple and Samsung. Expect to see many more announcements as 2018 ends and the 2019 smartphone season begins.

The Top 3 5G Phones

The most anticipated 5G phone  in 2019 has to be the new Apple smartphone. Apple has long dominated the global smartphone market and their first 5G offering is sure to cause a stir.

Apple’s 2019 phone is expected to come equipped with the MediaTek5F modem. However, the new Apple smartphone is not expected to ship until the end of 2019. So, we’ll see quite a few competitors before the final details are announced.

Another prime candidate in the race of most anticipated 5G phones  is the in-development Samsung Galaxy 10. Samsung has long held a huge market share in the smartphone world. Expect 2019 to more of the same.

The company’s upcoming flagship release is expected to be 5G-enabled and to come with a variety of new features. The company release announced a partnership with Qualcomm, so keen observers expect the next phone to be a major player in the 5G market.

Lastly, the Chinese company Huawei has suggested that their upcoming 2019 release, the P30, will be 5G-equipped. The firm dominates the smartphone market in Asia and is expected to retain that dominance with the release of their new flagship phone.

Early reports say that the phone should be released in June or July of 2019.